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My Queen Outfit Vs Builder Outfit

Hello everyone!

I’m new to all this blogging malarkey so not really sure what to write. I’ll just start typing and see where I end up.

Today I was contemplating the effect our different wardrobe choices have on our minds.

I’m sure plenty of you have experienced this at least once before. I’m talking about how wearing a suit for work gets you in that ‘working’ state of mind, while putting on your workout clothes prepares you mentally for your daily exercise routine.

In my case, I have two outfits that represent entirely different aspects of my personality. On one hand, I have my regular builder getup. Steel-toed boots, sturdy jeans, hi viz jacket and a hard hat. All of these items put together means I’m going to work, going to a construction site where safety is important and cleanliness is most definitely not.

On the other hand, there’s my performing outfit that I use at our shows. A Freddie Mercury yellow jacket replica along with the classic white pants and tank top that Freddie was known for. Whenever I don this clothing, it always means that it’s time to rock out and sing my arse off.

Like a switch in my brain, my mind flips from the regular, sometimes shy, construction worker to someone who’s completely extroverted. I become this person that loves being on stage, belting out amazing music and that feeds off the energy of the audience.

It’s such a funny thing to experience. These distinct parts of people’s personality manifesting themselves through different garments.

Some people put on glasses and feel clever.

Others put on fancy dress and act the character.

I put on a yellow jacket and feel a million miles removed from a builder.

Funny how the brain works, isn’t it?

If you’re interested, here’s a video talking about the science behind it.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for today. Will update this again soon!